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Content Marketer

Throughout my career, I have crafted a strong practice in content marketing management, with the majority of my experience around content marketing strategies for SaaS companies. What sets me apart is not just my knowledge of content marketing strategies, but my ability to transfer these strategies into actionable, relevant content that is directly related to the company’s goals and deliver tangible results.

High-ranking, converting articles

Place your business at the easiest place your customers can reach you - at the very top of Google Search Engine result pages. Generate leads with valuable, nurtuting, and converting content.

Drive Conversions and Retention with Product-Led Content!

I understand that content is not only about attracting visitors but also about converting them into loyal customers and retaining them for the long haulWith Product-Led Content, you can showcase the true value of your offerings through engaging, educational, and interactive content that guides potential customers seamlessly through their buying journey.


Content Strategy

Successful content is more than just producing random pieces. Receive unique, personalized, content strategies that align with your audience and goals. They are designed to be agile and adaptable, allowing us to respond swiftly to market changes, emerging trends, and shifts in consumer behavior.

Content Writing

Do you already have a content strategy in place and just need a writer to start producing quality content fast? In today's competitive landscape, standing out requires more than just quantity; it demands a commitment to delivering content that is valuable, relevant, and impactful. That's what you get here.

Case Studies

Showcase your success stories in a compelling and persuasive manner with engaging case studies that highlight your expertise, the results achieved, and the positive impact on your clients' businesses. Build trust and credibility among potential customers with these impactful narratives.


Find out what my clients and colleagues are saying about my work!

“Maryam is a skilled content marketer and a delight to work with. She is a strategic thinker that knows how to integrate content into overarching business goals. When I worked with Maryam as her supervisor, I was confident leaving key clients in her hands, and she excelled in strategy, communication, and in her writing abilities. She was quickly promoted to a senior role. I would gladly work with her again."

Meredith Kucherov

Senior Content Strategist, Revinate

"I had the absolute privilege of working with Maryam at Animalz. She was a true combination of intellect, teamwork, and unwavering commitment to supporting people around her beyond what was necessary. That’s how I know that Maryam would be an asset to any team. She'll exceed every expectation, and bring in so much more insights you never thought of. I can't wait to work with Maryam again."

Lily Ugbaja

Head of Marketing, Marketing Cyborg

"Maryam is an exceptionally talented and creative writer who has experience in crafting captivating content across a wide range of subjects. Her unique perspective adds a refreshing touch to her work, setting her apart in the industry. I had the pleasure of working with Maryam directly on content creation for SaaS companies, and her proficiency in embodying the essence of their brands, comprehending their objectives, and devising strategies that seamlessly align with their overall business goals was truly remarkable.."

Ruth Ikegah

Open Source Consultant, Bitergia

"Maryam is one of the best writers I have worked with. She explains complex technical concepts in the simplest ways and keeps to deadlines. She's also quick to lend a helping hand and is a valuable member of the team at Animalz."

Stella Inabo

Content Writer, Float

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